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Home » Jessica Marie Garcia Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Jessica Marie Garcia Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Jessica Marie Garcia before and after her Weight Loss

If you are a fan of Netflix shows, you must be familiar with Jessica Marie Garcia, the actress currently on the series, On My Block, who portrays the role of Jasmine. Jessica rose to fame when she appeared in the sitcom Liv and Maddie.

The series was a big success and even had numerous nominations. Since then, a lot of opportunities have come up with her.

After completing her degree, Jessica immediately flew to California to enter the entertainment industry, where luck was on her side as she secured a role in Liv and Maddie that became a huge hit. The television series also earned positive reviews and eventually won Teen Choice Award for Choice Break Out TV show.

Jessica had a chance to appear in the television show, Huge in 2010 and The Middle, where she has a tough and rough wrestler character. Every role and television show she appeared in was successful, making her one of the valuable actresses in show business.

This article is about Jessica Marie Garcia’s weight loss details. Garcia’s looks before and after weight loss.


Jessica Marie Garcia’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Jessica Marie Garcia after her Weight Loss

Jessica Marie Garcia after her Weight Loss

Her size never bothered her since she believes beauty does not come in size. Since Jessica Marie Garcia was young, her mother fed her out of love, and she gladly took it all.

As she grew up, many people told her to watch the number of foods she intakes; rather than listening to them, she became defensive and even consumed more food. Her father has type two diabetes, and it was in her knowledge that the disease ran into her family, and she is prone to it.

She subsequently became conscious of her diet when she was diagnosed with prediabetes. However, she did not expect to have one and continue to live to the fullest with different cuisines.

And because of her illness, her transformation made her more gorgeous.

Jessica Marie Garcia’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Before being diagnosed with an illness, Jessica Marie Garcia claimed she drank nine sodas a day, and the only water she considered was coffee. Jessica has tried any diet that could help her; she is now the one who cooks for herself.

Unlike before, she was a fan of meat; now, she switched to having chicken, turkey, and fish. She always ensures that there are vegetables and fresh fruits in her home daily.

Jessica Marie Garcia’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Jessica Marie Garcia did not reveal any details about her exercise routine to shed so much weight. However, she posted a tweet on her Twitter account in 2019 that she is hitting on the gym every day.

She proudly flaunts her weight loss journey on her social media; people continue to support her and communicate how proud they are of the actress.

Jessica Marie Garcia Before and After Weight Loss

Comparing her previous pictures to her present images, anyone could tell how much Jessica Marie Garcia has changed. Her waist, arms, and chest became smaller, corresponding to her black hair and small and fierce facial features. She became a stunning lady to make everyone turn their heads to her.

Jessica told a story about her grandmother, how she called her gordita, which means telling her to stop eating food. She grew up with insults and criticism surrounding her, but she ignored them all and continued living what she wanted.

By the time she decided to live healthy, she had lost 75 pounds, and according to sources, she currently weighs 58 kilograms.

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