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Home » Jim Rome Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Jim Rome Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Jim Rome before and after his weight loss

James Phillip Rome is a television personality known for his expertise in sports radio hosting. He has his show entitled The Jim Rome Show, which is aired on CBS Sports Radio.

It was discovered that he went to Calabasas High School for his secondary studies. Not long after, he entered the University of California, Santa Barbara, enrolling in communications which ended in the year 1987.

People have seen Jim Rome’s weight loss journey as he is a usual guest on the television. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about his journey and his results.

This article is about Jim Rome’s weight loss details. Rome’s looks before and after weight loss.


Jim Rome’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Jim Rome after losing weight

Jim Rome after losing weight

The weight loss journey of Jim Rome is a frequent question in his interviews. Being on the television adds up to 10 pounds of weight; that is why it became one of the reasons why the host decided to lose weight.

Additionally, he said that the most important reason why he decided to shed some pounds is that he wants to be healthy. He is getting old and wants to be present in his kids’ lives.

Being overweight hinders him from being the best he could be for his children. Therefore, shedding some pounds would help him spend more quality time with his loved ones.

Jim Rome’s Diet Plan

The diet plan of the prominent radio host is not yet known to the public. Therefore, people assume that he is on a restrictive diet like anyone else losing weight.

At an event, Rome stated that he got rid of junk foods to prevent possible illnesses in his later years. The unhealthy weight brought by processed foods is hard to get rid of and is not suitable for the body.

Ergo, he decided to cut it off his life completely. The result of his decision has been beneficial to him and his family.

Jim Rome’s Workout Routine

Jim Rome’s never mentioned anything about his workout routine. According to sources, he only performs light workouts because of his age.

The most convenient exercise for him is walking because it helps him free his mind while burning some calories. Also, he said that he tries to stand up as much as possible to keep his body active throughout the day.

Jim Rome Before and After Looks

The before and after looks of Jim Rome are not that evident as of this writing. His focus is on his health rather than slimming down.

The radio host said that he is more than happy that he is doing something about his health for his own sake. He mentioned that it would be beneficial not just for him but also for his family.

Sources state that he has lost more or less 10 pounds since he started his weight loss journey. There will still be a long road ahead of him, and he is willing to go through it if it means being together with his family for more time.

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