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Home » Joey Diaz Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Joey Diaz Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Joey Diaz before and after his weight loss

José Antonio Diaz, famously regarded as Joey Coco Diaz, is an artist, comedian, and podcast host. He debuted his career as a comedian in Colorado and later pursued acting in Los Angeles.

Some of his projects are The Longest Yard, Spider-Man 2, The Many Saints of Newark, Grudge Match, and a lot more. His podcast entitled The Church of What’s Happening Now has been running for a decade since 2012.

As the party’s life, Joey Diaz’s weight loss has been in the spotlight for a long time. If you want to know more about him, continue reading this Wikipedia-type article which includes information about his adventure to weight loss.

This article is about Joey Diaz’s weight loss details. Diaz’s looks before and after weight loss.


Joey Diaz’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Joey Diaz after losing weight

Joey Diaz after losing weight

The body of Joey Diaz has been in larger size even before he joined show business. Sources claim that he decided to lose weight so that he could land more roles that are more reoccurring.

Being fit in the industry is an advantage because more roles can materialize. Therefore, he dedicated some of his time to weight loss.

Joey Diaz’s Diet Plan

Because of his busy schedule, Joey did not have time to plan his meals. Therefore, research claims that he is eating home-cooked meals to ensure that he is eating healthy.

Rumours also state that Joey is using illegal substances, which skyrocketed his weight loss. It is because he will not feel any hunger if he is under the influence of the said drugs.

The actor did not confirm nor debunk anything with regard to the issue. He went through with his journey and is now enjoying the results of it.

Joey Diaz’s Workout Routine

Being in the more oversized frame, it was taxing for Joey to be slimmer. However, he is doing his best to lose the extra pounds he has on his body.

According to sources, because he has been significant for most of his life, he is more focused on cardio than any other workout routine. He needs to strengthen that part of his body to do more tasks.

Joey Diaz Before and After Looks

As years go by, people notice that Joey Diaz has been losing weight each time he makes appearances on television. In 2009, during the movie The Dog Who Saved Christmas, the actor said that he is at 390 pounds.

Furthermore, by the end of the year, he was able to lose 90 pounds because of his dedication to his goal. It was a massive difference in weight, which is why people assumed he went through a medically-assisted weight loss.

Nevertheless, the actor said that everything was natural and nothing was made on the table. Moreover, he said that it is unfair that he is being discredited for his hard work.

As of 2022, the podcast host has been far away from where he started. He said that his progress indeed added years to his life.

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