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Kardea Brown Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Kardea Brown before and after of weight loss

American chef and caterer Kardea Brown is mainly remembered as the host of the Food Network program Delicious Miss Brown. Since its 2019 launch, the show has attracted 3.5 million viewers, maintaining over 1 million viewers per episode. Its sixth season premiered in 2022.

Kardea displays her culinary abilities by demonstrating how to prepare foods with a Southern influence. She doesn’t just prepare fresh foods for the audience to eat; she also tells them about the detailed information and background of the delicacy that has helped the program become popular.

Keep reading to know more about Kardea Brown’s Weight loss journey! 


Kardea Brown’s Weight Loss Journey

We are all aware that Kardea is an excellent cook. It was one of the leading causes of her weight gain.

She didn’t say anything about what pushed her to start losing weight in the first place. She kept her weight loss process private; hence not much is known about how. Nevertheless, she quite often tackles it on her show.

Kardea Brown’s Weight Loss Surgery

Kardea Brown didn’t get surgery to get slimmer or lose weight. She went through it naturally.

She claims to have done it naturally, meaning she did not go through any medical or cosmetic procedure to lose weight or trim down her figure. 

Kardea Brown’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

According to her post on her Instagram account on May 25, 2020, she stated that she had already figured out the right thing to do to lose weight by stopping overeating; No starvation or crash diet. With this information, her audience gets inspired and more motivated to go through the journey with the right process. 

Kardea Brown’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Kardea also stated in her Instagram post that she doesn’t have a workout plan. Instead, she started moving more.

We are still unsure of what she meant by moving more, but we can assume that she achieved her goal by being more active on a daily basis. She also took this time to work on her emotional and mental health, which significantly affects her overall health. 

Kardea Brown’s Before and After Weight Loss

In under two months throughout the COVID-19 period, Kardea Brown lost 21.5 pounds. It is evident that Kardea used her time during the lockdown to take care of herself more and unlock the best version of herself without going through weight loss myths and actually be patient and focus on her overall well-being. 

Image of Kardea Brown before and after of weight loss

Kardea Brown before and after weight loss

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