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KJ Smith Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of KJ Smith before and after her weight loss

This article is about the inspirational weight loss of KJ Smith. Khaneshia “KJ” Smith is an American actress and model.

Smith was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida. Her family consisted of her parents, Marlyn and Ernest Smith, and her sister Lanetra Bennett.

After attending Florida State University and pursuing a bachelor’s degree in marketing, Smith began working in corporate America to practice her degree. However, it did not take long for KJ to realize that the direction of her career made her deeply unsatisfied as she admitted that her choices were made for others’ happiness instead of hers.

After this epiphany, Smith decided to move to Los Angeles to follow her true dreams of becoming an actress. Smith appeared in multiple reality TV and late-night shows such as Conan, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Real Husbands of Hollywood, NCIS: Los Angeles, Black-ish, and recurring roles in Family Time.

The actress is also affiliated with the American writer, actor, producer, and screenwriter Tyler Perry; she frequently appeared in his directed movies and TV shows, A Madea Family Funeral, Sistas, and A Fatal Affair.

This article is about KJ Smith’s weight loss details. Smith’s looks before and after weight loss.


KJ Smith Weight Loss Journey

Image of KJ Smith after losing weight

KJ Smith after losing weight

KJ Smith’s health journey began at the onset of the pandemic when the world was in shock, and everybody were quarantined in their homes; gaining weight and living sedentary were some things that KJ adamantly avoided throughout these times. Smith admitted that their family has a long history of suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, and hypertension — that is why she took it upon herself never to let herself be in a position where her genetic implication could manifest.

KJ had always been relatively fit, but all the stress from the pandemic and quarantine protocols had admittedly stressed her out. She confessed that she was not immune to stress eating either, but as per her health consciousness, KJ promised to herself to keep things balanced and disciplined regarding her eating habits and exercise.

KJ Smith Weight Loss Surgery

Even before Smith’s debut, she was considered fit and healthy. There are no rumors or guesstimates regarding a weight loss surgery on the actress’s appearance as she had always been consistently in shape throughout her career.

KJ Smith Weight Loss Diet Plan

KJ Smith mentioned her family’s history of hypertension and diabetes; the actress revealed that she goes an extra mile to prevent herself from triggering the symptoms of these diseases. Avoiding high fat, cholesterol-rich, and excessive sugars in her diet are vital tips to manage her weight and health.

On the other hand, she takes it upon herself to intake foods rich in healthy fats and plant-based vegetables to nourish her body.

KJ Smith Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Smith enthusiastically shared her love for exercising and maintaining an active lifestyle. She revealed that she dedicates at least 30 minutes of her day to doing an exercise or even a simple yoga routine to keep her blood flowing and heart pumping.

Another thing she swears about is African dances. She recently applied for a dance class that specifically taught her certain moves that incorporated African dance steps to keep the workout sessions fresh and monumental all at once.

KJ Smith Before and After Weight Loss

One of the traits of her role as Andrea “Andi” Barnes in Sistas’s is admired for her looks and fashion. KJ reveals that she takes it upon herself to maintain her appearance to cater to her fabulous self.

Smith expressed that she sees herself a lot in her character as being strong-willed and hardworking, and that’s where most of her motivation stems today. Before her fitness journey, KJ had always been a beautiful woman. Still, now that she has significantly leveled up from improving herself in every way possible, the actress has never looked better than she ever did before.

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