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Home » Kyrie Irving Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Routine and Before and After Looks

Kyrie Irving Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Routine and Before and After Looks

Image of Kyrie Andrew Irving before and after his weight loss

Kyrie Andrew Irving is a basketball player by profession from the United States of America. According to sources, he is undersigned the team Brooklyn Nets, which is under the management of the National Basketball Association.

In NBA’S 2011 draft, he was declared the Rookie of the year because of his expertise when it comes to basketball. Additionally, he is one of the reasons the Cleveland Cavaliers were awarded the NBA championship in 2016.

Because of his exemplary performance in basketball, people noticed that Kyrie Irving went through a weight loss journey. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about his routines and results.

This article is about Kyrie Irving’s weight loss details. Irving’s looks before and after weight loss.


Kyrie Irving’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Kyrie Andrew Irving after losing weight

Kyrie Andrew Irving, after losing weight

In all fairness, the body of Kyrie Irving does not need further weight loss because he is a national athlete, which means his body must be well-maintained. Therefore, his weight loss journey is mainly because he needs to maintain his ideal weight to perform better inside the court.

It is vital for him not to go over or under a specific weight because his job requires him to have agility when it comes to games. Nonetheless, it was discovered that he is still making an effort not to add numbers to his weight so that his performance would not be compromised.

Kyrie Irving’s Diet Plan

The frequent question about Kyrie Irving is his diet because of his tall frame. According to sources, his meal plans are mainly made of more protein and fewer carbs because of his athletic duties.

Additionally, the professional player mentioned that he switched to a plant-based diet, which helped him feel better about himself. Also, it helped him feel energized and boosted during his games because of the mindset that he was doing something for the greater good.

He hired a personal chef who looked over his meals, especially during busy days. Corey Bryant, his chef, mentioned that the player basically relies on nuts for protein.

Also, his pre-game meal is different from his normal meal because he needs more energy to fuel his body throughout the games. Therefore, he said Irving’s diet plan is based on the season.

Kyrie Irving’s Workout Routine

Image of Kyrie Andrew Irving

Kyrie Andrew Irving plays basketball as his work out and to stay fit

According to sources, the basketball player works out not less than six times a week. Each workout comprises at least 2 to 3 hours per day.

Irving said that cardio and stretching must not be forgotten during every workout session because it helps the body to be conditioned before performing muscle-resisting actions. That is why he makes it to the point that he will stretch his body before every workout and even his games.

Also, his games as a professional player serve as his full-body workout. Everything seems to be in place because he is actively choosing to live a healthy lifestyle.

Kyrie Irving Before and After Looks

Even before his career as a professional player, Kyrie Irving is also on the fitter side of the picture. He mentioned that he does not have anything to do with his weight but maintains it since it is the one that literally keeps him alive.

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