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Home » Lauren German Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Lauren German Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Lauren German before and after her weight loss

This article dives into the weight loss journey of Lauren German. Born Lauren Christine German, she is an American actress.

Born on November 29, 1978, in Huntington Beach, California, she is of mixed ancestry, mainly Dutch and English. German has appeared in much famous pop culture television series and films, such as Nicholas Sparks’ hit romantic drama A Walk to Remember, where she plays the role of Belinda, the popular mean girl who harbors an unrequited love for the male lead.

Following that are her appearances in another set of hit horror films, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Hostel: Part II. As for her small screen success, she gained recognition in the lead role in NBC’s drama Chicago Fire (2012-2015).

One of her most recent and famous projects is her involvement in Lucifer, where she played the role of Chloe Decker — the main love interest of the jaded king of the underworld.

This article is about Lauren German’s weight loss details. German’s looks before and after weight loss.


Lauren German Weight Loss Journey

Image of Lauren German after losing weight

Lauren German after losing weight

The beautiful actress has been gracing our big and small screens for the past two decades with the expanse of her work. German has kept a fit and healthy appearance for the entirety of her career.

Still, rumors about her weight loss started to circulate during the fourth season of Lucifer, where the actress appeared less supple and vibrant compared to her previous looks, more youthful and lively. However, the actress has never revealed any information about her desire to lose weight, nor has she responded to any questions concerning her weight loss in a short time between the seasons.

Most of the reports on this issue were sourced from her fans’ comparison of the actress’s appearance before and after, but Lauren appeared hesitant.

Lauren German Weight Loss Surgery

Accompanying the news about her weight loss, fans noticed the effect it had on the actress’ features, where her cheeks looked less plump than before. Fans began to speculate on forum websites that the actress might have undergone a buccal fat removal to achieve a more defined bone structure.

However, following the events of the show she starred in (Lucifer), perhaps it is an artistic choice to lose weight because her character went through a traumatic experience before the premiere of season four. Nonetheless, the actress remains quiet about any queries regarding her weight loss or any surgeries.

Lauren German Weight Loss Diet Plan

Following her confidentiality about her weight loss, Lauren has not disclosed much about her dietary practices throughout the years, especially since the rumors began. However, the actress revealed on her Twitter account in 2015 that she has reduced her red meat intake, but this did not mean that she is vegan.

Her preferred diet is to keep things balanced by eating vegetables, maintaining her carbs, and drinking plenty of water every day.

Lauren German Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Lauren gives all the credit for her fitness to her discipline. According to the photos that the actress posts on her personal Instagram page, running, jogging, and biking are her most favored physical activities. However, she rarely posts herself in the gym; this does not deduce German’s actual workout routine.

It is safely conclusive that the actress prefers to live an interactive and fun life to keep herself in shape.

Lauren German Before and After Weight Loss

Before the fourth season of Lucifer, most people are taken away by Lauren’s sleek and striking beauty. Fans took photos of her side by side and compared the drastic difference between the two; some even commented on how ‘ghastly’ she looks nowadays.

Nevertheless, it does not take away from her beauty, and it seems reasonable for a woman her age to lose her youth’s suppleness and emerge into her elegant aging self.

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