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Lawrence Jones Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Lawrence Jones before and after his weight loss

Lawrence Billy Jones III, or as he is most known for Lawrence B. Jones, is an American libertarian commentator, a prominent contributor to Fox News, radio show host, and author. Jones has always had an enthusiasm for politics; his first participation in his libertarian cause was when he served as the “youth mayor” of Garland, Texas, in 2009.

He attended the University of North Texas and majored in political science and criminal justice. Jones has a long history of activism work, and in 2013, he was famed as the Activist of The Year by FreedomWorks.

This year, he worked with Keelan O’Keefe for an arrangement by Project Veritas. But the event that put him out in the public eye and earned him the support of his fellow conservatives was when he helped establish a fundraiser for a pizza shop in Indiana called “Memories Pizza” after they were boycotted for their statement that they refused to cater to their gay customers if asked to serve at their wedding.

Jones, after organizing the fundraiser, raised $844,00 for the family to compensate for their lost assets during the backlash from citizens across the USA for their bigoted statement. In 2019, he relocated to New York City and began working for Fox News as a regular co-host for the station.

He continued to reach milestones, and just this year, he began hosting his show Lawrence Jones Cross Country on Fox News.

This article is about Lawrence Jones’ weight loss details. Jones’ looks before and after weight loss.


Lawrence Jones’ Weight Loss Journey

Image of Lawrence Jones after losing weight

Lawrence Jones, after losing weight

The Fox News co-host has always been enthusiastic and interactive in his social media accounts; he often announces his weight loss progress yearly. He supposedly weighs 171.9 lbs and is continuing on his weight loss journey up until now.

In 2018, he happily shared that he lost 15 lbs in three weeks. His weight loss is not rapid and unhealthy thereof. Jones shared that he was motivated to lose weight for his overall health and well-being.

Lawrence Jones’ Weight Loss Surgery

Jones does not appear to have undergone any weight loss surgery to achieve his weight loss. His transformation had been gradual and natural for the most part, too, deducting any indication that he had a weight loss surgery.

Lawrence Jones’ Weight Loss Diet Plan

The American political commentator remains vocal about living a healthy lifestyle on his Twitter account. Jones stands for eating healthy and avoiding junk food as much as possible.

He stated that our eating habits affect 80% of our health, which is far greater than the efforts — or lack of action — we exert in our exercise routine. However, he does not go in-depth about his eating habits or dietary methods to achieve his weight loss.

Lawrence Jones’ Exercise for Weight Loss

Jones revealed that he consistently attends the gym he balances strength training and cardio all together to maximize his calorie burn. Still, he remains tight-lipped about the other physical measures he has taken to achieve his weight loss.

Lawrence Jones Before and After Weight Loss

Lawrence Jones appears to be living his best life nowadays and is improving his physique through proper diet and exercise. Most of his personal life remains unknown to the public, but as we all know, a healthy career stems from organized personal affairs.

Nevertheless, Jones’s weight loss journey is an inspirational tale to be told that teaches us all the importance of discipline and appreciation of the success we made along the way.

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