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Mark Mangino Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Diet Plan, Workout Routine and Weight Loss Journey

Image of Mark Mangino befoe and after his weight loss

Mark Thomas Mangino is known for being the former coach of Iowa State. His most notable contribution in the field is as the head coach of Kansas University from 2002 to 2009.

He celebrates his birthday every 26th of August in 1956 in New Castle, Pennsylvania. Currently, he is a retired 65-year-old man living with his wife happily.

People are curious about what transpired during the weight loss journey of Mark Mangino. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about his diet plan, workout routine, and before and after looks.

This article is about Mark Mangino’s weight loss details. Mangino’s looks before and after weight loss.


Mark Mangino’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Mark Mangino after losing weight

Mark Mangino, after losing weight

The thought of his grandchildren initiated Mangino’s weight loss journey. He mentioned that he realized that he and his wife would not witness the milestones of their grandkids if they didn’t take care of themselves.

As proud grandparents, they want to be as present as they can in the life of their loved ones. Because of his previous weight, he realized that the chances of his aspirations were slim.

He mentioned that it was not easy because it takes a lot to change everything in his mind. But because of the goal he set, he did it step by step until he was satisfied with his current weight.

Mark Mangino’s Diet Plan

Being away from his family most of the time, Mark coped by eating delicious foods in the places he was in. When he decided to lose weight, he resorted to home-cooked meals, which helped tremendously in his weight loss journey.

Ever since he decided to get serious about his goal, he went closer to home, wherein his wife could serve him meals cooked in the comfort of their home. The former football coach mentioned that his wife had made the most significant contribution in his journey in losing some pounds.

The couple wants to witness their grandchildren’s milestones; that is why they have supported each other on their road to healthy living. Things got serious when Mangino noticed that his wife was not feeling good, thus committing to a regular diet for their sake as well.

Mark Mangino’s Workout Routine

Because he was not used to living a healthy lifestyle, the football coach said that it gets hard from time to time. Nevertheless, he makes sure to do at least some light exercises like walking not to break his record.

Also, because of his line of work, he is required to do physical activities, and that is where he gets his exercise for the day. The former coach also mentioned that for him to be a good coach, he must take care of himself first so it would transpire in the team he is currently handling.

Mark Mangino’s Before and After Weight Loss

Many people have commended the football coach’s drastic weight loss because they achieved it. He was not specific about his initial weight, but he lost 127 pounds in just a year.

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