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Matthew Stafford Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Matthew Stafford before and after his weight loss

Winning the Super Bowl in 2021 can be credited to Matthew Stafford and his incredible performance. He is the spearhead of the offense and the quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams.

He started his NFL journey in 2009 when he was the first player to get selected. He played for the Detroit Lions for the majority of his career.

In 2021, he was sent to the LA Rams, where he would debut with three touchdowns for the team. Their success extended to the playoffs, and they eventually won the Super Bowl against the Bengals.

Because of his success with the team, he was offered to play more and extend his contract for a whopping one hundred sixty-million-dollar contracts.

Want to know more about the football player? Read this article about Matthew Stafford’s weight loss.

This article is about Matthew Stafford’s weight loss details. Stafford’s looks before and after weight loss.


Matthew Stafford’s Weight Loss: Journey

Image of Matthew Stafford after losing weight

Matthew Stafford, after losing weight

After losing year in and year out, the Rams quarterback got furious about his team’s situation and performance on the field. To add insult to injury, critics are quick to comment on Stafford’s weight because he seemed to be putting on more pounds yearly.

Because of these factors, he decided that for him to win the Super Bowl, he needed to put more effort into himself. Matthew decided that he should go into special training and focus on his skillset before blaming anyone else.

Matthew Stafford’s Diet Plan

A football player’s salary is one of the largest in the sports industry. Because of this, Matthew lived a luxurious life and spent a lot of time eating delicious but unhealthy foods.

To lose weight, he said he started to incorporate a better diet into his everyday life. He did not rush things but slowly shifted into healthier options and a wellness diet.

Matthew Stafford’s Workout Routine

Image of Matthew Stafford playing football to stay fit

Matthew Stafford is playing football to stay fit.

Since Stafford is a professional football athlete and one of the best in the league, he has a regular and consistent workout routine. But he said this was not enough to combat his problems with weight.

So, he decided to add more exercises to his routine. He would often walk his dog while doing cardio on the side.

The Rams quarterback also said that swimming helped him lose weight. In addition, Matthew hit the gym and began weight training and doing yoga right after.

Aside from burning some fats, he said that he had a clear mind which resulted in better performance on the gridiron.

Matthew Stafford’s Before and After Looks

Before the 2022 season, many fans were skeptical if the Rams would put up great numbers. Speculations about the team were quickly squashed when their quarterback showed up and looked great.

The football player had visible changes in his body. He looked a lot lighter compared to his body from the previous season.

Some say that he even got quicker due to his weight being reduced. Since his weight loss, Stafford has seen great success and even won the elusive Super Bowl Trophy.

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