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Monica Lewinsky Weight Loss: Journey, Surgery, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Monica Lewinsky before and after her weight loss

Monica Lewinsky is a successful fashion designer and celebrity. But her fame care from her secret relationship with ex-president Bill Clinton.

She had an affair with the president during his term in 1996. Although this was not the only cause, it was one of the reasons for Clinton’s impeachment.

She was working in the White House at the time of the affair. After that, she became a tv star and even had a  20/20 about her story.

Want to know more about the tv personality? Read this article about Monica Lewinsky’s weight loss journey.

This article is about Monica Lewinsky’s weight loss details. Lewinsky’s looks before and after weight loss.


Monica Lewinsky’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Monica Lewinsky after losing weight

Monica Lewinsky, after losing weight

Monica’s popularity was not what anyone would want. She was the primary target of fat shaming and body shaming at the time.

Because of her affair with the president, a lot of hate was thrown at her. This caused Monica to undergo plastic surgery and liposuction to gain back lost confidence after her controversies.

Monica Lewinsky’s Surgery

Because of the hatred and the fat shaming she got, Monica decided to undergo medical treatment for her weight problems. At first, she was hesitant.

But the lovely woman continued on with the surgery and proceeded with liposuction. According to reports, she lost more than 60 lbs of weight after the operation.

Fats from her eyes and face and unwanted fats around her neck were removed.

Monica Lewinsky’s Diet Plan

Since her 60-lb loss after her surgery, doctors required Lewinsky to stay on a healthy diet for a while. She was recommended to eat fruits high in fiber and low in sugar.

She said that her diet consisted of whole wheat and other vegetables. Monica also noted that it was hell for her because she was not used to eating healthy foods.

Because of this, she adopted the Jenny Craig diet. According to her, the diet plan helped her a lot, and she even credited it for her good mood and attitude daily.

Monica Lewinsky’s Workout Routine

It looks like the controversial celebrity is glowing in her recent pictures. Although her weight loss journey began years ago, it seems like a healthy lifestyle caused her recent beauty.

But according to sources, the lovely woman does not have a workout plan. Her weight loss relied heavily on her diet and drinking supplements.

Monica Lewinsky’s Before and After Looks

Back when Monica was first launched into the spotlight after having an affair with the U.S. president, her looks were said to be like a typical 9-5 office worker. She also had a bigger frame compared to other women.

But after she gained international success, Lewinsky’s weight is seen to have decreased every time she appeared to the public. Although she is fifty years old already, the lovely woman does not seem to age and still remains fit.

Her slim figure is so far from her build when she was first introduced. Despite getting hatred from all over the world, the tv personality does not seem to be fazed and continues to show her beauty even in her old age.

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