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Home » Ms. Melodie Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Ms. Melodie Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Melody before and after the Weight Loss

Ms. Melodie Perdue from Franklin, Massachusetts, of the United States, was a 34-year-old fitness coach from OPTAVIA and was once a 308 pounds woman who aspired to be fit. She believes being born fat means she cannot be fit anymore, even in adulthood.

When she was a kid, her emotional relationship with food started since she was not raised fully by her mother. She associated food with happiness and believed that food would never leave her, unlike her mother.   

 “Do Not Waste Food” is the idea impounded to her little mind and would always lead her to eat all the food served even though she eats adult-sized portions instead of child-sized portions, followed by dessert. She would sneak and eat about 6 to 8 Hershey chocolate bars a day, not even including the junk foods, baked macaroni, and cheese with the fried chicken she was having.   

The first time Melodie Perdue tried dieting was when she was ten. She struggled with weight and has tried several other diet programs throughout middle school, high school, and beyond that period.

Melodie was always leading to a failure because she could not strictly follow the program. She would lose about 20 to 30 pounds and eventually return to her bad eating habits.

Keep reading to know more about Ms. Melodie and see her life updates here! 


Ms. Melodie’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Melody Perdue after losing weight

Melody Perdue after losing weight

Due to a car accident in 2012, the 283 pounds Melodie Perdue was again pushed to lose some of her weight. When she saw her MRI results and knew she had sleep apnea, pre-diabetes, and Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, she was determined to be fit.

But things happened, and Melodie became pregnant with her son in 2013. So she had to pause her healthy diet temporarily and was once again back to her unhealthy lifestyle before. 

After giving birth, she weighed 307 pounds, the enormous weight she was before. A sudden realization struck her, and without hesitation, she went back to eating healthy diets and exercising for herself and her family.

Transforming her life and getting fit through the help of her coach Candi Bown from Optavia, she successfully lost over 183 pounds and maintained her weight for over five years.     

Ms. Melodie’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

The diet plan of Melodie Perdue was according to the Optavia diet program. It was not explicitly disclosed, but she followed meal plans, which included shakes, bars, and a meal of protein source with three servings of non-starchy vegetables.  

Ms. Melodie’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Melodie Perdue was more focused and meticulous about her diet than her exercise. She consistently records everything in her food journal and walks for 30 minutes a day, doing it thrice a week. 

Ms. Melodie’s Before and After Weight Loss

In 2018 Melodie Perdue was featured in a magazine by The People, in their People’s Half Their Size 2018: Real Weight Loss Success Stories. She also shares her before and after photos on social media to inspire every individual to be fit and healthy.

In her weight loss journey, Melodie Perdue successively lost about half of her original weight, from 307 pounds to 183 pounds less. Perdue now lives in Alaska and is finally close to achieving the ONEderland, or when her weight in pounds will begin with only number one digit.

As an Optavia coach, she helps others reach their goals while setting a good example for her children.

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