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Home » Paris Phillips Weight Loss: Journey, Surgery, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks.

Paris Phillips Weight Loss: Journey, Surgery, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks.

Image of Paris Phillips before and after her weight loss

Paris Phillips is a reality series star featured in Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Previously, she was K Michelle’s assistant who worked herself up to the place she is in now.

She was born on the 23rd day of August in the year 1986. Another series she was featured in was Fall Girls, which aired in 2019.

Learn more about Paris Phillips’ weight loss journey. This Wikipedia-type article includes details about her surgery, diet plan, workout routine, and before and after looks.

This article is about Paris Phillips’ weight loss details. Phillips’ looks before and after weight loss.


Paris Phillips’ Weight Loss Journey

Image of Paris Phillips after losing weight

Paris Phillips, after losing weight

Paris Phillips has been battling body and confidence issues for a long time. Because it has been taking a toll on her holistic health, she decided to do something about it.

Before losing weight, she can usually be seen as a person who does not want to expose her skin to the public. But after the change in her weight was evident, she was observed dressing up loudly to flaunt her body.

The actress mentioned that she was often bullied because of her body. It was one of the reasons why she committed herself to healthy living.

Paris Phillips’ Surgery

She attempted to lose weight using several methods; however, she failed. After a series of attempts, the actress decided to go through fat loss surgery to boost her progress.

She underwent gastric sleeve surgery, which helped her tremendously in losing weight. The reality television star did not present herself publicly right after her surgery.

After her medically assisted weight loss, she followed it up with proper exercise and diet. Fans of the actress are very supportive of her goal because they know it would improve her.

Paris Phillips’ Diet Plan

After the surgery she went through, the star made sure to complement it with a healthy diet. According to sources, she has been in a calorie deficit to maintain her ideal weight.

According to sources, Paris hired a professional dietitian to help her maintain the result of her hard work. It was assumed that she knew she might experience a relapse; that is why she hired someone to watch over her.

Paris Phillips’ Workout Routine

Image of Paris Phillips doing her work out routine

Paris Phillips doing her workout routine

Paris’ specific workout routine was not disclosed to the public’s knowledge. Nevertheless, it was identified that after her surgery, she made sure to eat healthily and work out regularly to maintain her figure.

Paris Phillips’ Before and After Looks

After going through all the hard work, it can be observed that the actress is more confident than ever. Before her journey to losing weight, she was hesitant to show off some skin.

When she reveals herself to the public, it can be sensed that she is more comfortable in her skin. Also, people are pleased to see her happier because of her commitment to improving herself.

Because of her weight loss, her skills in acting also improved. Some people may see it as absurd, but it makes Paris happy, so nothing matters anymore.

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