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Home » Robert Costa Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Robert Costa Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Robert Costa before and after his weight loss

Robert Costa is a CBS News journalist assigned to monitor the news concerning politics. He used to work for The Washington Post with the same field assignment before signing a contract with the Columbia Broadcasting System or CBS.

He shares credit with Bob Woodward for publishing the 2021 United States Capitol Attack. Additionally, he is the co-author of Trump’s last days as a president in the White House.

Because of the taxing work of the journalist, people noticed that he had been losing weight. To know more about this, browse this Wikipedia-type article to discover more about his journey.

This article is about Robert Costa’s weight loss journey. Costa’s looks before and after weight loss.


Robert Costa’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Robert Costa after losing weight

Robert Costa, after losing weight

As a journalist, his job is expected to take up most of Costa’s time. Therefore, losing weight might be out of the picture because of his packed schedule.

Nonetheless, the reporter said he decided to lose weight because it is already affecting his job. Getting tired quickly was one of the factors why he pushed through his weight loss journey.

Robert said that his job requires his energy to produce quality content. Therefore, the decrease in his power has affected his career.

Robert Costa’s Diet Plan

The CBS News correspondent admitted that he found comfort in hamburgers during his career. He added that processed foods eased his mind about what to eat next; therefore, consuming them almost every day.

Also, he said that the campaign takes most of his time, removing the luxury of eating healthy and homemade foods. When he realized it was affecting his health, he did not hesitate to remove it from his diet.

Shifting to healthier food helped him lose weight and regain his energy. According to the political journalist, he altered his sweet coffee for a black one, which helped tremendously in re-establishing his energy levels.

Robert Costa’s Workout Routine

When Robert was asked about his workout routine, he did not disclose anything specific. Instead, he said that he has been walking every day to serve as his exercise.

The reporter added that he aims to reach 10,000 steps per day to ensure the effectiveness of his workout routine. The simple yet effective exercise helped him lose weight tremendously when done consistently.

Robert Costa’s Before and After Looks

The weight before the journey to Costa was not disclosed because he said he did not want his trip to be measured. However, some sources state that he lost over 72 pounds, assuming he had followed the diet mentioned above for the last three years.

Initially, the followers of the reporter were concerned that he was going through an illness or the like because of his sudden weight loss. Robert Costa assured that he is very healthy, and the weight loss was intentional because it has affected his job.

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