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Roger Raglin Weight Loss: Before and After looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Roger Raglin before and after his weight loss

Roger Raglin is referred to as the hunting master, and he recently had a website, Roger Raglin Channel, where he featured numerous products and vlogs about him. His name is known for his skills in hunting whitetail deer.

He is the man who traveled all over the world to record a book about animals, and his several works in world records. He was also named America’s Favorite Whitetail Deer Hunter for pulling off a shot in taking 40 whitetails in a different region of the United States and five in Canada.

The accomplishments he had earned for the last three decades were astounding, with winning awards from Outdoor Channel. Some of the awards he earned are the Best Hunting Show, Best Overall Production, and The Fran Favorite Awards of Best Show.

These awards he received were from his self-produced program, Roger Raglin Outdoors, and until now, it continues to be one of the most entertaining and popular shows of all time.

This article is about Roger Raglin’s weight loss details. Raglin’s looks before and after weight loss.


Roger Raglin’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Roger Raglin after losing weight

Roger Raglin, after losing weight

Roger Raglin was in his obesity, and as he grew older, he gained pounds every month. Roger soon started his weight loss journey.

He realized that he needed to take good care of his health if he did not want his career to be a downfall or to avoid some potential health risks. He did not precisely change his lifestyle; there is only one thing he did to lose pounds, which is to change his eating habits.

Doing this gave his body a significant transformation, and his fans even grew more curious about the things he has done to achieve a healthy body.

Roger Raglin’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Image of Roger Raglin's favorite healthy diet

Roger Raglin’s favorite healthy diet

One of the habits included in Roger Raglin’s diet plan is drinking a lot of water and avoiding fast foods. He also consumes organic fruits and vegetables and eliminates all high carbs and sugar.

He has a website dedicated to the methods he uses for losing weight; there, he explains the techniques and dishes he intakes to shed so many pounds.

Roger Raglin’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

The television personality claimed that he does not go to the gym to exercise; he is solely committed to a healthy diet and has not done any exercise. He was confident that he did not need any workouts as he is also in his senior years.

He lost weight by solely changing the foods he consumed; Roger Raglin also did not take any pills.

Roger Raglin Before and After Weight Loss

The current weight of Roger Raglin is estimated to be 220 pounds; he pulled off losing weight in just a short time. His followers admired him for displaying determination, and they love Roger’s physical appearance today, making him more looked healthy than ever.

Following his diet plan, Roger eventually lost 80 pounds of his weight in five months, dropping the size of his pants from 50 inches to 42 inches. He also shed fat several inches on his neck, making his jaw a little evident.

Roger was once over 300 pounds, but he achieved losing so much weight despite being in over 60s.

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