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Home » Sara Gonzales Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Sara Gonzales Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Sara Gonzales before and after her weight loss

The author behind the books of The Descendants Series Books 1 to 5 entitled Pulse, Crave, Emerge, Rack, and Edge, respectively, were known as Sara Gonzales. She was from Texas, United States, with a Latin Ethnicity, born in Houston but raised in Plano.

With her family background, she grew up with conservative values. When she turned 17, she started to share her beliefs openly.

Sara was introduced to forensics when she did an internship at Garland Police Department during high school. That is why in college, she majored in Criminal Justice and a minor in Forensic psychology due to her interest in the field.

She graduated as a cum laude from Texas State University. During her college years, Sara is known to be a highly politically active student, especially during the Bush Administration.

She is a writer, editor, and conservative political commentator. In October 2016, she started working as a reporter for The Blaze.

Two years later, Sara has been better known as a television host and producer at Blaze Media since the first month of 2018. Her writing achievements for the past few years are as follows.

She is applauded for The News & Why it Mattered in 2018, Sara Gonzales Unfiltered last 2019, and Joy Behar Sides with White Nationalist to Trash Trump in 2020. Sara Gonzales’ actual birthday is unknown, but she was born in 1985.

The 37-year-old is known for her persuasiveness, fluency in writing and speaking, and straightforwardness about her values. Aside from her strong personality shown on Blaze TV, her physique is also a notable characteristic her fans cannot deny talking about.

This article is about Sara Gonzales’s weight loss details. Gonzales’ looks before and after weight loss.


Sara Gonzales Weight Loss Journey

Image of Sara Gonzales after losing weight

Sara Gonzales after losing weight

When Sara weighed around 100 pounds, she decided to be fitter and start her weight loss journey. In a talk with Andrew Klavan last 2018, she openly shared her motivation which pushed her to transform.

She was asked about how it all started during the interview. She said that 12 years ago, she was a very fat girl, and in her last semester at college, she wanted to go into law enforcement.

Since this department requires an eligible characteristic an individual must possess, her being overweight becomes a significant hindrance to it. Therefore, she decided to lose some weight and successfully tried her best to maintain her shape.

Sara Gonzales Weight Loss Diet Plan

Sara keeps her weight on track through a clean and proper diet. She is known to have a low carbohydrate diet.

She excludes sugar and bread from her everyday meals. Sara also takes food supplements like RiduZone to aid her with her appetite and metabolism and to maintain her weight.

Sara Gonzales Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

There are no specific details about her exercise routine. Sara only confirmed before that she incorporates exercise into her daily routine.

Sara Gonzales Before and After Weight Loss

Sara is very vocal regarding her weight transformation despite others suspecting she is having plastic surgery. In every way she can, whether through social media posts on Instagram or Twitter or interviews, Sara always addresses her weight loss journey and continues to be an inspiration.

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