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Home » Sharon Cuneta Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Sharon Cuneta Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Sharon Cuneta before and after her weight loss

Sharon Cuneta is a Filipino singer, actress, and television personality who already has over 60 films and 40 released albums in the Philippines. Her career started when she was a 12-year-old; until now, her name is still known. Sharon is the only actress to have the Box Office Hall of Fame, holding the title of Box Office Queen five times.

She also has Best Actress awards and has a notable 23 nominations, such as FAMAS, the Film Academy of the Philippines, PMPC Star Awards for Movies, the People’s Choice Awards, KOMOPB Awards, Metro Manila Film Festival, and Gawad Genio Awards. In 1996, she was even gain recognition as she won the Grand Slam Year for Best Actress.

She also gathered KBO Golden Dove Award and OMPC Star Award for Television for her show, The Sharon Cuneta Show. Her career as a singer is also a hit as she received multiple awards, including Platinum Record, Gold Record, Double Platinum Record, AWIT Awards, ALIW Awards, Diamond Record, and many more.

This article is about Sharon Cuneta’s weight loss details. Cuneta’s looks before and after weight loss.


Sharon Cuneta’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Sharon Cuneta after losing weight

Sharon Cuneta after losing weight

Sharon Cuneta said she is much bigger than her actual size on television. The actress was diagnosed with a heart problem, which made her embark on a program to lose weight.

She admitted her regrets about failing to start her weight loss journey earlier. Nevertheless, Sharon’s journey for years made her overcome her struggles and health problems.

She encourages her followers, who also have the same situation as her, to start disciplining their diet and not lose hope. Sharon also said they need self-care and self-love to motivate them to lose weight. Her fans expressed their support and love for Sharon and got inspired by her story.

Sharon Cuneta’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Image of Sharon Cuneta's healthy diet

Sharon Cuneta’s healthy diet

Sharon Cuneta got used to having a small number of foods as time passed. She did not exactly gave information on the foods she ate; instead, she mentioned that she trained her stomach to eat less than usual.

She learned this with the help of her dermatologist, suggesting that the moment you felt full, stop consuming food. Sharon also claimed that she drinks water and juices more than she eats.

Sharon Cuneta’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Exercise is one of the key factors needed in shedding weight; however, Sharon Cuneta did not share any exercise routine, but we see that she often hit the treadmill in her Instagram posts. She also mentioned going for a jog every morning.

We will update this article as soon as possible once Sharon shares some details about her exercise routine.

Sharon Cuneta Before and After Weight Loss

Her weight loss journey made her overcome her health risks, especially her heart problem. Sharon Cuneta’s weight loss journey lasted for six years.

It was not easy, but her motivation and discipline made her shedding weight impossible. Sharon said that you only lived once, that’s why as much as possible, start living a healthy lifestyle and enjoy it.

As you can see in the past, Sharon is really a massive woman and reached obesity, her facial features are also plump. And since she started her weight loss, she lose 85 pounds and her physical transformation was evident as she slimmed down.

Her drastic weight loss was only made possible because of her discipline. Her six-year journey with discipline paid off.

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