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Sharyn Alfonsi Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Sharyn Alfonsi before and after of Weight loss

Sharyn Alfonsi is a well-known American journalist and a reporter for an American new magazine broadcast, 60 Minutes. Born on the 3rd of June 1972, Sharyn finished her studies at the University of Mississippi in 1994. 

Sharyn began her journalism career in 1995 at KHBS-KHOG-TV in the city of Fort Smith in Arkansas. For starters, she served as the channel’s news reporter, weather anchor, editor, and even as their photographer. 

In 2015, Sharyn made her first appearance on 60 Minutes, covering a reported fraud that led to a congressional investigation. The report made her win a Writer’s Guild Award, which is an award that recognizes fiction and non-fiction writers for television, radio, and film. 

Sharyn has received other awards during her time as a reporter. Along with her producers and teammates, Sharyn received the duPont-Columbia University of Journalism Award in 2020 for their outstanding reports from the border of Mexico and the United States.

She was also awarded by the Alliance for Women in Media in 2020 with a Gracie Award for her remarkable reports as a female journalist. Keep reading to know about her more! 


Sharyn Alfonsi’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Sharyn Alfonsi in black dress

Ever since Sharyn Alfonsi has become a correspondent for the news show 60 Minutes, the viewers have become familiar with her face. And with her face being shown on national television for many years, the public cannot help but notice the slightest change in the reporter’s appearance. 

Different rumours suddenly emerged concerning the reporter’s change. The fans were worried after noticing Sharyn was slowly losing weight, especially on her face.

The people even assumed their favourite reporter was sick or was facing any health issues, so they could not help but feel worried about her health. However, Sharyn did not bother to entertain rumours about her weight loss and diet. 

Aside from the physical change that may come with age, Sharyn remained excellent at her work. Her posture and diction still scream professionalism when she is in front of the camera, making the fans’ worries waver.

Her unwavering professionalism convinced fans that the reporter was in perfect condition at the moment and was not experiencing any medical issues.

Sharyn Alfonso’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Sharyn Alfonsi never disclosed any information about her diet plan. The people could only assume that her diet was effective and loved its results.

However, Sharyn once made a report about how Americans spend a total of $35 billion yearly on weight-loss products.

Sharyn Alfonso’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Sharyn approximately weighs 58 kilograms and is known for her slim and fit body. But just like her diet plan, Sharyn never disclosed any information about her exercise routine. This article will be updated if the reporter decides to share her progress in achieving her current body.

Sharyn Alfonsi’s Before and After Weight Loss

In 2015, when Sharyn first appeared on 60 Minutes, she had long brown and straight hair that matched her elongated face. Her blue eyes and pointed nose complemented her other facial features, which have become known to the public. 

As years passed by, Sharyn remained one of 60 Minutes’ correspondents and became one of America’s most remarkable reporters. After seeing her since her newbie days, the public cannot help but notice the changes in the reporter’s appearance.

The public may love the reporter’s current short and curly hair, but the weight loss on her face piqued their curiosity the most.

Image of Sharyn Alfonsi before and after of  weight loss

Sharyn Alfonsi before and after weight loss

People compared the reporter’s face back in 2015, and now in 2022, they have noticed that she indeed lost some weight. Her jawline has become sharper, and her cheekbones are now more evident.

Sharyn Alfonsi has become more beautiful than in her first TV appearance, and the audience cannot help but admire her even more.

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