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Home » Steve Doocy Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Steve Doocy Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Steve Doocy before and after his weight loss

Stephen James Doocy is prominently known as Steve Doocy. He is a prominent figure in the field of newscasting and book writing.

Currently, he has been employed on Fox News since 2004. Additionally, he wrote Mr. and Mrs. Happy Handbook, which became New York Times bestseller.

Throughout the years of his career, it was apparent that Steve Doocy went through a weight loss journey. To know more about his transformation, read this Wikipedia-type article further.

This article is about Steve Doocy’s weight loss details. Doocy’s looks before and after weight loss.


Steve Doocy’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Steve Doocy after losing weight

Steve Doocy, after losing weight

Having a wife who is good at cooking makes Steve Doocy’s weight loss journey hard. However, he managed to beat the odds because his journey was deemed successful because of its result.

The beginning of his weight loss journey was due to a doctor’s recommendation. He said it would not hurt if he tried it since it was from a doctor.

Steve Doocy’s Diet Plan

Image of Steve Doocy and his healthy diet

Steve Doocy and his healthy diet

The diet plan of Steve Doocy is prevalent among people who try to lose weight. The highlight of his diet plan was keto.

By consuming more fats and fewer carbs, he was able to shed some pounds off his body. Additionally, he tries several other diet plans, such as paganism and dry January.

He said that he started the year right with a month without booze, drinks, and wine. It was all according to plan because his challenge ended on the first day of the Superbowl.

The author said that it was hard to fight the temptation of drinking, but he takes pride that he was able to accomplish it. He said that it helped him sleep better at night, but he cannot afford to get rid of drinking altogether.

Steve Doocy’s Workout Routine

As a man who is aging, Steve Doocy does not have a specific workout plan. His exercises are only lightweight.

His main goal is to be healthy; that is why he is persistent in finding a diet that best fits his lifestyle. Additionally, his favorite exercise is walking because it burns calories while clearing the mind from negative thoughts.

Additionally, he said that working at his age is a form of exercise because he gets to move a lot of time. It keeps his body healthy and fit despite his age.

Steve Doocy Before and After Looks

The before and after looks of Steve Doocy can be differentiated from each other. It was because he is aging; the difference is apparent.

He did not disclose his before and after weight, but it seemed like his diet plan challenges worked for him. It is not easy for a man of age to change his lifestyle because he is used to his old ways.

Relearning how to live life correctly is tasking, but Doocy was able to succeed because he indeed lost tons of pounds. One of the main reasons why he decided to cut off fats was to be with his family longer, which is only possible if he is paying attention to his diet.

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