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Tasha Cobbs Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Tasha Cobbs before and after her weight loss

American gospel singer-songwriter Tasha Cobbs Leonard plays and writes music. In 2013, she collaborated with EMI Gospel to release the extended play Grace.

The EP then was listed on the Billboard charts at position Number 61. Furthermore, she earned the Grammy for Best Performance of Gospel or Contemporary Christian Music at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

Tasha has also received nine Dove Awards, three Billboard Music Awards, and five Stellar Awards.

This article is about Tasha Cobbs’ weight loss details. Cobbs looks before and after weight loss.


Tasha Cobbs’ Weight Loss Journey

Image of Tasha Cobbs after losing weight

Tasha Cobbs after losing weight

Tasha Cobbs realized she had to invest in making healthier choices when she has taken the commitment to get serious about weight loss. She started working with Weight Watchers to support her journey and has since lost close to 60 pounds.

Cobbs claims that her weight had been steadily increasing throughout the years and that she was now prepared to take action. She began by giving up unhealthy foods and sugar-sweetened beverages. This is how she accomplished it.

She also increased her exercise routine. However, according to her, sticking to the Weight Watchers plan has been the secret to her accomplishment.

She claims that it has changed the game for her. “I’ve really managed to remain on pace because to the discipline of attending the sessions and tracking my diet.”

Tasha has discovered that the training has aided her in developing healthier dietary preferences. She claims, “I’m certainly extra conscious of what I’m consuming now.”

Tasha is not the only one who has seen a change; “I’m also more in tune with my hunger cues, so I’m not overeating. My kids and husband have been very encouraging,” she added.

Tasha states that she has so far not finished her fitness journey and that she is eager to get to her target weight. However, she has been feeling much better than she’s ever been for a long time, and she is appreciative of Weight Watchers for assisting her in getting there.

When Tasha decided to change after dealing with her weight for a long time, she started her weight loss process in 2016. She made minor adjustments to her food and way of life before slowly losing body weight.

Tasha Cobbs’ Weight Loss Surgery

Tasha disclosed in 2016 that she had undergone surgical treatment and has since made a considerable effort to keep the weight down.

She has always been a voluptuous woman, but recently her well-being started to suffer because of her size. She was given diagnoses of sleep apnea and high blood pressure, both related to obesity.

To ensure her well-being and overall health, Tasha decided to undergo weight loss surgery. She dropped a large amount of weight after the procedure, which was successful.

Tasha Cobbs’ Weight Loss Diet Plan

Besides avoiding processed meals and drinking too many sugary beverages, Tasha Cobbs did not disclose much about her diet plans.

Tasha Cobbs’ Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Tasha Cobbs has mentioned that she has been working out with weight watchers. She did not, however, disclose her weight-loss training plans.

Tasha Cobbs’ Before and After Weight Loss

On August 22, 2021, Tasha posted on her Instagram account that she had shed 14 lbs.

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