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Tessa Brooks Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Weight Loss Journey, Diet Plan

Image of Tessa Brooks before and after her Weight Loss

Tessa Brooks is one of the followed TikTok celebrities worldwide, with 2.3 million followers. She is an actress and television personality with a YouTube channel with 3.37 million subscribers. Her TikTok account is dedicated to her dance videos, while her channel on YouTube is about makeup tutorials and vlogs.

As early as two years old, Tessa was fond of dancing and then started posting her dancing to the songs made by several artists like Riga Ora and Nicki Minaj. She became even known when she performed in The Next Big Thing on a Disney Show. Her Instagram account also has massive followers of over 17.2 million.

Appearing at Disney made her career set off even higher, and she eventually became part of Team 10, a dance group. This gave her a new opportunity, including appearing in Marc Jacobs commercials, Contours Designs, CocaCola, and Smashbox Cosmetics. She also had a chance to be with T-Pain and Diamond White in a video.

This article is about Tessa Brooks’ weight loss details. Brooks’ looks before and after weight loss.


Tessa Brooks’ Weight Loss Journey

Image of Tessa Brooks after her Weight Loss

Tessa Brooks after her Weight Loss

The young television personality became the talk of the town when she appeared with a suitable transformation in just less than six months, further increasing her popularity even more. Tessa Brooks had always wished to lose weight since when he was a child, she has a problem with her eating habits, and her body is also full of muscle.

Eating was always here way to relieve stress, resulting in gaining weight. In 2016, when she was 17 years old, she started her journey in reducing weight; however, she eventually stopped, and in 2019, she began having a proper diet and exercise, which allowed her to shed some pounds.

Tessa Brooks’ Weight Loss Diet Plan

She did not elaborate on her diet plan, but the first thing that Tessa Brooks did was to take away all that was high in carbs and refuse to eat junk foods. She also eliminated the dairy foods in her meals. For breakfast, the foods that she consumes are smoothies and salad. For lunch, she has chicken tacos, while her dinner is light.

Tessa Brooks’ Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

Image of Tessa Brooks dancing as her work out/ exercise routine

Tessa Brooks dancing as her workout/ exercise routine

Tessa Brooks is known as a dancer; dancing is part of her exercise routine. She dances for 30 minutes before doing her exercise; she also cleared that instead of going to from, she preferred the enjoyment of hiking and classes in Pilates.

Pushups around 20 times are also Tessa’s routine daily to strengthen her upper body. Jumping lunges, yoga, hip swings, and planks are some exercises she did to slim her body down and build necessary muscles.

Tessa Brooks Before and After Weight Loss

Tessa Brooks lost over 20 pounds of weight in less than six months, and she became more of a stunning young lady that made people mesmerized by her. Her elongated face became slim, resulting in her jawline becoming more evident.

The collarbones hiding in her heavy fat also has now visible; we can see in his picture that her severe body form has transformed into an hourglass shape. Currently, her weight is around 128 pounds, and she continues to live a healthy lifestyle to maintain her figure.

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