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Tom Segura Weight Loss: Before and After Loss, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Tom Segura Before and after of Weight Loss

Thomas Weston Segura, better known as Tom Segura, is an American stand-up comedian, writer, author, actor, and podcast host. He is most well-known for his joint podcast with his wife and fellow comedian Christina Pazsitzky in their variety-themed podcast Your Mom’s House.

Segura is from Cincinnati, Ohio, but he has lived in several states in America to perform in stand-up comedy shows, which he has been doing ever since he graduated from college. Tom and his wife landed several big deal productions for CBS and Netflix, giving them more media exposure before the launch of the couple’s collaborative podcast, released in 2010.

His most recent works involved his venture into book writing when he released his self-authored collection of humorous essays titled “I’d Like to Play Alone, Please” as a commemoration of his lifetime work as a comedian. 

This article is about Tom Segura’s weight loss details. Segura’s looks before and after weight loss.

Tom Segura’s Weight Loss Journey

Most comedians are commonly known for poking fun at their appearance, and often, it has been their selling point in their career. Tom Segura is no different from this.

He often utilizes his past heavier set weight as a subject in most of his stand-up comedy shows, though more often than not, he narrates them in a satirical manner in order to keep up his image. In 2017 on the Conan Show, Tom revealed that his fans had actually “bullied” him into losing weight.

Still, the comedian quickly brushed off any negative speculations over ill-motivated intentions that could be made over his weight loss by reminiscing one of his iconic standup comedy lines that went: “I’ve been fantasizing about losing the weight that I haven’t lost yet, and here I am!”. Tom has reportedly lost 50 pounds after a strict no-sugar diet and as a subscriber of WW. 

Tom Segura’s Weight Loss Surgery

Tom Segura has never undergone any invasive weight loss surgery to achieve his current weight. The comedian has shared his dietary plans and exercise routines many times in some of the podcasts he has guested in. 

Tom Segura’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

During his guest appearance for an interview with his fellow podcaster and friend Ethan Klein for H3 Podcast, his past overdose was discussed. The two went over the fact that Tom’s heavier weight had actually saved his life, but he expressed his unwillingness to stay at that weight because it hinders him from living his life to the fullest.

Tom revealed that he stopped eating sugar as much as possible, saying that there is an alarmingly “rancid” amount of sugar everywhere that once had him compelled to be addicted to sugar. But nowadays, the podcaster divulged to us all the information that he tries his best not to eat sugar excessively. 

Tom Segura’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

As per the podcast mentioned above, which includes the appearance of Tom in the H3 Podcast, he revealed that he had experienced a “plateau” in his weight loss journey. Hitting a plateau in weight loss is essentially a phase where you’ve reached a certain weight during your journey that it is hard for you to move past on; despite this hindrance, Tom expressed his determination and said that he had increased his workout routine as a response to this stagnation.

Tom Segura’s Before and After Weight Loss

Tom Segura looks vastly different from his old self now, especially compared to his previous videos on the internet, where he was still a newbie in the stand-up comedy industry. Nevertheless, the comedian frequently expresses his gratitude for the progress that he achieved in his weight loss journey, as he apparently has never felt better before. 

Image of Tom Segura before and after of weight loss

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