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Home » Violent J Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Violent J Weight Loss: Journey, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Violent J before and after his weight loss

Joseph Francis Bruce, also known as Violent J, is a wrestler, producer, and wrestler by profession. He is the half of Insane Clown Posse, which makes songs in the hip hop genre.

Because of his extensive background in the field, he established a record label called Psychopathic Records. In terms of wrestling, he used his knowledge by establishing Juggalo Championship Wrestling.

He is famous for the moniker Violent J because of his career in wrestling. Growing up, he was forced to tend to himself because his father ran away with all their money, thus pursuing a career in wrestling.

His time in the spotlight suddenly dimmed when he disappeared from the public’s eye. He came back as a slimmer and happier Violent J, which made the public question how it happened.

This article is about Violent J’s weight loss details. J’s looks before and after weight loss.


Violent J’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Violent J after losing weight

Violent J after losing weight

The weight loss journey of the rapper started when he discovered that his knees were suffering from serious issues caused by his obesity. It was when he realized he was having difficulties walking short distances.

However, he only took his shedding seriously when he was diagnosed with heart failure. According to the wrestler, it was very alarming that he decided to regulate his performance as soon as possible to focus on his health.

He already went through treatments for his heart, but it did not do its job. That is why he decided to commit himself to healthy living.

Violent J’s Diet Plan

Many onlookers are curious why the weight loss journey of the rapper is too fast. According to sources, he resorted to a restrictive diet so that he could lose as much weight as possible.

It is unhealthy, but it is the most convenient way for him to cut pounds. Basically, he stopped himself from eating while being active when it comes to his job, hence the speedy weight loss.

Some sources stated that he took drugs, which is why his goal was easily achieved. It was because he did not think of food since he was high because of the pill he took.

Violent J’s Workout Routine

The record producer has been living actively because of his shows from different parts of the world. However, his unhealthy lifestyle caused him to gain a lot of weight.

According to sources, his workout is mainly focused on cardio to make amends for his heart failure. It is also important for him to strengthen his cardiovascular system because he exudes a lot of air when performing on shows.

From time to time, he hits the gym to assist in his weight loss journey. However, it seems tedious for him as of now; that is why light exercises were prescribed to him.

Violent J’s Before and After Looks

The shedding of the wrestler has been very obvious based on his public appearance in previous years. There may be a relapse, but he makes sure to bounce back to protect himself from suffering from full-blown obesity.

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