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Will Sasso Weight Loss: Surgery, Diet Plan, Workout Routine, and Before and After Looks

Image of Will Sasso before and after his weight loss

William Sasso is a prominent figure in Canada as a stand-up comedian, podcast host, and television artist. His most famous television appearance aired from the year 1997 to the year 2002 through a series entitled Mad TV.

Some of his works are The Three Stooges, Less than Perfect, Happy Gilmore, United We Fall, and How I Met Your Mother. Because of his exemplary talent in the said field, he is still starring in projects to this day.

This article will discuss information regarding Will Sasso’s Weight Loss Journey. We will also discuss his surgery, diet plan, workout routine, and before and after looks.

This article is about Will Sasso’s weight loss details. Sasso’s looks before and after weight loss.


Will Sasso’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Will Sasso after losing weight

Will Sasso, after losing weight.

Will Sasso has been in the series Mad TV since it began, which enabled him access to the finer things in life. Therefore, he gained a massive amount of weight in the long run of the series.

The actor had an awakening moment wherein he realized that he had to take care of himself before things got too late. One reason he decided to lose weight was that Sasso had a hard time performing his roles in his projects.

Will Sasso’s Surgery

With regards to medically assisted alteration of the body, he admitted that he went through two surgeries. The first one was called abdominoplasty, which occurred in the year 2000, wherein approximately eight pounds of skin was removed from him.

Coming from an extra-large size to medium, he had saggy skin, which became his insecurity. In order to feel good about himself, he underwent chest skin surgery wherein the aesthetician removed excess skin in his chest so it would be toned.

It helped him boost his confidence which assisted him in his journey to a healthier lifestyle. According to the comedian, there is nothing wrong with getting surgery as long as it will make you feel good about yourself.

Will Sasso’s Diet Plan

Will admittedly stated that he indulged in a sedentary lifestyle alongside bad habits. These factors are why he gained too much weight to the point of obesity.

According to him, foods with mascots are not suitable for the body. It was when he stopped eating on fast food chains and opted to eat homemade meals.

His meals while losing weight were mainly comprised of chicken and steamed vegetables. It is to ensure that his system receives enough protein.

Will Sasso’s Workout Routine

Since his surgery, it looks like Will has had the greatest motivation to get fit. Because of it, he is a frequent attendee in his trusted gym.

Some of the world’s known bodybuilders admire his great calf because it takes a lot of time to achieve those. It was assumed that his motivation comes from the bad things he experienced with his previous weight, as well as the comments he gets on his current body build.

Will Sasso’s Before and After Look

The podcast host never hid that he used to weigh 1147 pounds which is a large number for a person’s weight. However, credit to his dedication and hard work, he already lost 200 pounds which is still adding up to this day.

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