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Zeeko Zaki Weight Loss: Before and After Looks, Current Weight, Surgery, Diet Plan

Image of Zeeko Zaki weight loss before and after

Zakaria Sherif Zaki, popularly known as Zeeko Zaki, is an Egyptian-born actor in America. Zaki was born in Alexandria, Egypt; his family emigrated to the United States of America when he was only one month old.

He imparted that his most vivid childhood memory was spending his summer vacation back in their hometown in Egypt, where they resided in his aunt’s villa. His stage name is coined from his favorite former football player and coach, Arthur Antunes Coimbra or Zico.

He had his breakthrough role as Omar Adom “O.A.” Zidan in the CBS hit television series “FBI: Most Wanted” the role was initially meant to be played by a Latino, but Zaki managed to impress the casting directors during the auditions for the position until the show writers ultimately decided to base the whole character of Omar based on Zeeko’s background and ethnicity. As an Arab and Muslim, Zaki’s objective as an actor is to stop the stigmatization of his people by portraying prominent roles that highlight their good characters. 

This article is about Zeeko Zaki’s weight loss details. Zaki’s looks before and after weight loss.


Zeeko Zaki’s Weight Loss Journey

Image of Zeeko Zaki in black suit

Zeeko’s appearance in the CBS crime drama FBI: Most Wanted is greatly admired by all demographics who patronize the show. But what most people are not aware of is the fact that Zeeko had struggled a lot to achieve his dreamy looks in the TV series.

Zaki revealed that before his debut in the show, he was hundred pounds heavier than a year before. “I’m six-five. I was 325 pounds, and now I’m 225 pounds,” he shared during his interview with Assignment X in November 2018.

One of his greatest motivations is the prospect of success that awaits him once he has maximized his full potential in every way possible. The actor revealed his Karmic belief that wherever he exerts his efforts, he would reap rewards far more significant than what he has sown.

Zaki’s optimism is an everyday challenge for him, he is always on the lookout for improvement in every aspect of his life, and his weight loss has been just one of his most remarkable feats. 

Zeeko Zaki’s Weight Loss Surgery

Being exceptionally tall with a mesomorph body type — meaning that he can quickly lose weight and gain muscle thanks to his natural genetic makeup — there is no rumors or news about the actor having undergone any invasive aesthetic procedures to achieve his weight loss. Zaki attributes the rest of his success to his hardwork and dedication. 

Zeeko Zaki’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

One of the tips that Zeeko Zaki swears by is lifestyle and fitness advice from Tim Ferris’s book “4-Hour Body”; he stated that during the morning, right within the thirty minutes from the moment that he woke up, Zeeko would intake thirty grams of protein. The actor expressed that this trick had been life-changing as it sets out his appetite for the rest of the day; he believes that starting the day in a healthy way will trickle down to the rest of your meal for the remaining duration of the day. 

Zeeko Zaki’s Exercise Routine for Weight Loss

During his interview for Assignment X, despite having been interviewed for his favorite weight loss tips and tricks and his previous body weight, the actor is yet to reveal his actual workout routine. Despite the lack of elaboration on this area of Zeeko’s transformation, it is evident that the actor partakes in some form of heavy lifting and a strict workout regimen to achieve his sculpted body.

Zeeko Zaki Before and After Weight Loss

Zeeko’s healthy mindset is apparent in his work and lifestyle; he proves that a beneficial motivation results in bountiful manifestations. He is a firm believer in being consistent and creating a sustainable dietary plan and lifestyle that he can adapt to no matter how hectic his life as an actor may be. 

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